What is a StEP White Paper?
The Purpose of a StEP White Paper is to state and explain StEP’s position on e-waste related issues, to make scientific-based recommendations and provide guidance to relevant stakeholders and decision makers. Because all StEP members endorse the conclusions made, all White Papers are reflecting a common StEP standpoint.

What is a StEP Green Paper?
The StEP Green Paper Series is a publication tool for research findings which meet the core principles of StEP and contribute to its objectives towards solving the e-waste problem. StEP members agreed on this support of the author(s)’ work, but do not necessarily endorse the conclusions made. Hence, StEP Green Papers are not necessarily reflecting a common StEP standpoint.

It is foreseen that in applicable cases, the discussion and stakeholder feedback to the Green Paper shall be further developed into a White Paperin order to further elaborate and subsequently disseminate StEP recommendations and positions.

White Papers

ISSN: 2071-3576 (Online)

#5 2014-06-03 TF 1 “Policy”
One Global Definition of E-waste

#4 2014-06-02 TF 4 “ReCycle”
Recommendations for Standards Development for Collection, Storage, Transport and Treatment of E-waste

#3 2009-10-01 TF 1 “Policy”
On the Revision of EU’s WEEE Directive - COM(2008)810 final

#2 2009-03-05 TF 3 “ReUse”
One Global Understanding of Re-Use - Common Definitions 

#1 2009-01-28 TF 1 “Policy”
E-waste Take-back System Design and Policy Approaches

Green Papers

#8 2014-01-14 TF 1 "Policy"
Differentiating EEE products and Wastes  

#7 2013-04-10 TF 3 “ReUse”
E-waste Country Study Ethiopia  

#6 2013-04-05 TF 1 “Policy”
E-waste in China: A Country Report 

#5 2013-03-25 TF 1 “Policy”
Transboundary Movements of Discarded Electrical and Electronic Equipment 

#4 2012-06-22 TF 4 “ReCycle”
Recommendations on Standards for Collection, Storage, Transport and Treatment of E-Waste. Principles, Requirements and Conformity Assessment 

#3 2012-02-01 TF 1 “Policy”
International policy response towards potential supply and demand distortions of scarce metals 

#2 2011-11-08 TF 2 “ReDesign”
Worldwide Impacts of Substance Restrictions of ICT Equipment

#1 2011-09-15 TF 1 “Policy”
StEP Green Paper on E-waste Indicators

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2012/2013 (eBook)

Annual Report 2012/13

Annual Report 2011 (2.81MB)

Annual Report 2010 (2.49MB)

Annual Report 2009 (2.46MB)

Annual Report 2008 (3.63MB)

Other StEP Publications

StEP Comments Ghana final - Part I & II Characterizing Transboundary Flows of Used Electronics: Summary Report  

Quantitative Characterization of Domestic and Transboundary Flows of Used Electronics - Analysis of Generation, Collection, and Export in the United States 

Solving the e-waste problem: An interdisciplinary compilation of international e-waste research


Recycling - From E-Waste to Resources

Author: StEP
Publisher: UNEP & UNU
Year of publication: 2010
No. of pages: 94


Information Technology and Sustainability

Author: Lorenz M. Hilty
Publisher: BOD
Place of publication: Norderstedt, Germany
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 180

additional information

Technical report on the assessment of e-waste management in Morocco
Author: Laissaoui, S.E.; Rochat, D.
Publisher: Hewlett Packard, DSF, Empa
Place of publication: St. Gallen
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 67

additional information

E-waste Management in Kenya

Author: Waema, T.; Mureithi, M.
Publisher: Hewlett Packard, DSF, Empa
Place of publication: Nairobi
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 67

additional information

e-Waste Assessment South Afrcia

Author: Finlay, A.; Liechti, D.
Publisher: Hewlett Packard, DSF, Empa
Place of publication: St. Gallen
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 73

additional information

e-Waste assessment in Uganda: A situational analysis of e-waste management and generation with special emphasis on personal computers

Author: Wasswa, J.; Schluep, M.
Publisher: UNIDO, Microsoft
Place of publication: Kampala & St. Gallen
Year of publication: 2008
No. of pages: 35

additional information

"2007 Review of Directive 2002/96 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)”, Final Report to European Commission, .

Author: Huisman, Jaco et al.
Publisher: European Commission
Place of publication: Bonn
Year of publication: 2007
No. of pages: 377

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Computers and the Environment: Understanding and Managing their impacts.

Author: Kuehr, Ruediger & Eric Williams (eds.)
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers & United Nations University
Place of publication: Dordrecht/Boston/London
Year of publication: 2004
No. of pages: 285

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