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E-Waste Academy 2012 Edition Highlights

Press Releases

2014-05-29 - Acute Concern for Health, Environment Highlighted at UN-backed E-Waste Academy in Latin America

2013-12-15 - World E-waste Map reveals national volumes, international flows

2012-07-06 - GeSI-StEP E-waste Academy Annual Gold, Silver "Deposits" in New High-Tech Goods Worth $21 Billion+; Less Than 15% Recovered

2011-10-30 - Tests Detail High Toxic Levels at School, Market Neighbouring Informal African E-waste Salvage Site

Media Feedback

Below is a selection of media releases of StEP Initiative from the current until the previous year.
2013-06-03 - Partnership develops e-waste measurement tool
Source: Solid Waste & Recycling

2013-05-31 - New e-waste alliance formed
Source: New Electronics (Laura Hopperton)

2013-05-29 - New Partnership Explores E-waste Disposal Source: Engineering and Technology Magazine (Tereza Pultarova)

2013-05-29 - Green Grid forms 'end-of-life' waste alliance Source: Sustainable Business Oregon

2012-08-06 - Fortune Squandered Without Recycling Source: China Daily (Zheng Xin)

2012-07-17 - Welcome to the Age of Urban Mining Source: Forbes (Trevor Butterworth)

2012-07-11 - E-Waste Recycling Academy for Developing World Told of Risks and Rewards Source: Waste Management World

2012-07-09 - Rifiuti tecnologici, una vera miniera d’oro e di argento sprecata
Source: Gaianews

2012-07-08 - E-waste contains $21 billion worth of gold and silver
Source: Times of India (Malathy Iyer)

2012-07-07 - Billions of dollars of gold left unclaimed in waste electronics
Source: MSNBC, Technolog (Devin Coldewey)

2012-07-07 - Less than 15% of Silver and Gold in eWaste is Recovered Worldwide 
Source: The Cutting Edge News (Terry Collins)

2012-07-06 - E-waste: Annual gold, silver ‘deposits’ in new high-tech goods worth $21B; less than 15% recovered
Source: Innovation Africa

2012-07-06 - Elektroschrott: Die reine Goldverschwendung
Source: Heise Online

2012-07-06 - Lixo recebe toneladas de ouro e prata por ano
Source: Agência FAPESP

2012-07-06 - Une mine d'or et d'argent ignorée dans les déchets électroniques
Source: Le Monde (Gilles van Kote)

2012-07-06 - Value of the precious metal in discarded circuit boards could be £10 Billion Source: Daily Mail, UK (Rob Waugh)

2010-02-24 - Green Tech Gone Fake Source: BusinessWeek (Rachael King)

2010-02-23 - Nová hrozba se jmenuje e-odpad. Rostou ho celé
Source: Aktuá

2010-02-22 - UN calls for action on growing electronic waste
Source: The Guardian (Bobbie Johnson)

2010-02-22 - E-waste mounting in developing countries: UN
Source: CBC News

2009-09-16 - Setting world standards for e-waste recycling important to curb harmful processing practices
Source: Asian News International

2009-09-16 - Globale Standards für Elektronikschrott gefordert
Source: Pressetext

2009-09-16 - Celulares velhos valem 15 mil dólares por tonelada
Source: Reuters (Alistair Doyle)

2009-09-16 - Celulares velhos valem 15 mil dólares por tonelada
Source: Reuters (Alistair Doyle)

2009-09-16 - Vrijednost starih mobitela iznosi 15.000 dolara po toni
Source: Nacional Hungary

2009-09-16 - E-WASTE; Scrap rules urged by U.N.-backed alliance
Source: Reuters (Alister Doyle)

2009-09-16 - Expertos piden estándares globales para el reciclado de la basura electrónica
Source: Agencia EFE

2008-11-19 - Los daños ambientales resultan irreversibles

2008-05-05 - Rare Ressourcen
Source: WirtschaftsWoche

2008-04-21 - Toxic e-waste pouring into Third World
Source: The (Craig Kielburger & Marc Kielburger)

2008-02-20 - Practicing Green: Uncovering and Countering Greenwash
Source: Triple Pundit (Andrew Burger)

2008-02-11 - Computadores de cabeça quente
Source: Planeta Sustentavel

2008-01-10 - A Recycled Laptop's Journey, Part 2: Doing the Job Right
Source: TechNewsWorld (Andrew Burger)

2008-01-03 - A Recycled Laptop's Journey - Part 1: Exporting Toxic Waste
Source: TechNewsWorld (Andrew Burger)

2007-12-03 - All About: Electronics
Source: CNN World Business (Rachel Oliver)

2007-11-23 - Europe should raise its game on electronic recycling, says UN
Source: Recycling and Waste Management News and Information (Keith Nuthall)

2007-11-22 - L’Europe pèche dans la collecte et le traitement de ses DEEE
Source: Actu Environnement (F.Roussel-Laby)

2007-11-16 - Where there's electronic waste, there's money.
Source: Scenta

2007-11-15 - Sammelmengen bei Elektroschrott in der EU sind enttäuschend [Update]
Source: Heise Online (Pia Grund-Ludwig)

2007-11-15 -

2007-03-08 - How do you make electronics easier to recycle?
Source: The Christian Science Monitor (Moises Velasquez-Manoff)

2007-03-07 - Klimakiller unterm Schreibtisch
Source: Der Stern (Ralf Sander)

2007-03-07 - Finding gold in the mountains of hi-tech scrap
Source: Calcutta News.Net

2007-03-07 - Para fabricar el ordenador en el que lees esto se consumieron 1.500 litros de agua
Source: El Pais

2007-03-06 - UN outlines global e-waste goals
Source: BBC News